Expected results and impact

Impact on directed beneficiaries:
  1. Learners integration and employability
  • At National / Regional / Local level
    • Increasing outreach to excluded groups by each partner
    • Increase employability rates in 10% compared to the existing one of graduates tracked
  • At European Level:
    • Increase the number of mobilities of students and apprentices in 25%,
    • Involving at least 2500 learners in the development and piloting of at least 3 tools of the project
  1. VET staff professional development: adapting methods and approaches to challenges linked to vulnerable youth livelihood through employability and social inclusion.
  • At National and Regional level:
    • Reach at least 1000 VET staff through, frontal peer learning and national ToT;
    • At least 500 of them mainstream one of the tools scaled up in their own working environment.
  • At European level:
  • Increase the mobility of teachers and trainers in 20
  1. Project Managers:
  • Reducing in 25% the time devoted to bureaucratic aspects of mobilities
  • Increasing the innovation project and strategic partnerships between the partners
  1. Directors: we intend to increase awareness about EU policies in the field of T-VET, in order to empower them to adapt their current leadership into European societies of 21st century.
  • At European level:
    • Reaching a 75% of participation in EU initiatives from our T-VET leaders and directors.
    • Implementation of at least 1 EU tool or initiative at 50% of the T-VET centres of the networks
Impact at organizational level:
  1. DB VET networks increased cooperation with market actors, public and private VET stakeholders to run school-to work transition paths:
  • At National / Regional / Local level:
    • Establish/enhancing partnerships with at least 80 companies
    • Participation to Youth guarantee opportunities increased in at least 2 national networks
  • At European level:
    • Doubled the participation of the partners in the Vocational and Skills Week and other EU institutions
    • Doubled the participation in expert groups by the EU institutions in the field of T-VET
  1. DB VET networks increased relevance and cooperation at EU level:
  • At National / Regional / Local level:
    • Enhanced representativeness at regional level through the Development and recognition by key actors of DB CoVE (centres of vocational excellence) at regional level in at least 2 Countries
    • At least 2 partners will Advocate for a more inclusive VET towards key policy actors
  • At European level:
    • All DB networks endorse a continuous planning and development strategic approach to internationalization
    • Average of 5 new funded projects per year by consortium in the field of VET.
    • DB partners actively involved in at least 2 initiatives launched by EaFA
    • Endorsement of a EU shared internationalization strategic plan covering all partner MSs through DB Tech Europe
    • Increase VET dialogue with other educational sectors (Youth and Volunteering) through the development of at least 2 new EU funded relevant projects