DB WAVE will be characterized by the productions of the following work packages and deliverables


WP 1 – Network and institutional building

  • Analyze the potential of each partner for the creation of sustainable systems of local clustering of T-VET centres in order to build a network;
  • Conceive a new method of cooperation among TVET centres within their networks, and of the regional/national networks with their peers in other EU countries;
  • Enhance national DB VET network capacity to perform at national and EU levels as a reliable VET stakeholder to promote quality and inclusiveness of VET in Europe.

WP 1 – Deliverables

WP2- DB VET providers technical capacity building

  • Design and implement a training strategy for VET leaders, project managers, teachers and trainers, to update T-VET provision to the requirements of 21st Century (soft skills, digitalisation, work-based learning, job placement…);
  • Develop new cooperation mechanisms between partners in order to facilitate and simplify existing EU projects (mobilities of trainers, students & KA2);
  • Develop an internationalisation strategy at providers’ level, fostering the mobility of leaders, staff and VET learners.

WP2- Deliverables

2.1 Repository of best practices

WP3 – Upscaling & Benchmarking models and tools for increasing social inclusion and employability of disadvantaged learners

  • Develop tools to facilitate the transition from education to employment for all graduates;
  • Mainstreaming the acquisition of key competences and soft skills with a Life Long Learning approach, endorsing Salesian preventive system and innovative methodologies.

WP3 – Deliverables

WP4 – Management, coordination and quality control

  • To facilitate smooth and effective governance and implementation of the project activities;
  • To apply knowledge, tools and techniques to all the activities to be carried out during the project life cycle, in order to ensure the achievement of the expected results.

WP4 – Deliverables

4.3 Co-working environment Google Drive

WP5 – Monitoring and evaluation Framework

  • To assure the systematic and objective assessment of the completed project, its design, implementation and results;
  • To determine the relevance and fulfilment of objectives;
  • To detect timely internal and external difficulties, re-adapting plans and/or operational structure.

WP5 – Deliverables

5.4 Interim and final evaluation Reports

WP6 – Dissemination and Exploitation strategy

To develop a consistent targeted strategy, tailored to reach different stakeholders and key actors in order to:

  • Promote greater visibility on DB national VET providers identity, VET offer and strategy of internationalization;
  • Promote greater awareness on strategies, tools and products developed by the project;
  • Transfer the successful results and products at, regional, national or European systems.

WP6 – Deliverables

6.1 Dissemination folders

6.3 DB Tech Europe Website

6.4 National exploitation plans