VET European Networking Enhancement

DBI is an associated partner of the VENHANS project. We are therefore glad to disseminate about it.

The Vocational Education and Training frameworks are so numerous and different in the EU member states and regions that the definition of common development agendas and objectives is really a challenge for decision-makers. The intermediation and mediation between the aims, needs, expectations of VET centres, VET teachers and trainers, local civil society organisations and the European VET development policies require a constant dialogue and exchange of opinions that only proficient networking activities can guarantee.

The Association Européenne pour la Formation Professionnelle (European Vocational Training Association – EVTA) is committed to such effort since 1993, contributing to disseminate, mediate, support the EU policies bringing them at the grass-root level: the training centres. “VENHANS, VET European networking enhancement” is a project aimed to help EVTA and the other main VET providers’ networks to:

  • Increase their representativeness at national/regional level, expanding memberships and stimulating VET networking, particularly between VET providers and companies, with a special focus on territories under-represented in the VET policies’ definition;
  • Enhance the cooperation between the umbrella networks, within the VET4EU2 common platform, to allow maximum synergies and joint efforts to sustain and support decision-makers in the VET policies development and deployment in all EU member states;
  • Promote VET provision’s quality improvement, propagating the concept of excellence in VET, exploiting best VET learning tools and practices, promoting the concept of benchmarking as a reference to develop development strategies, adopting bottom-up approaches to valorise local contributions. VET providers, teachers and trainers, stakeholders will benefit from the three actions plans EVTA will activate (Networking, Capacity building, Dissemination) and the outcomes they will generate, such as: networking peer learning reviews, benchmarking tools and support to develop roadmaps for improvement, training webinars in local languages, development of networking with companies (GO+Europe) involved in work-based learning, support to conferences and country-level events, a VET European Digital Magazine, contribute to the European VET WEEK.

Coordinator : EVTA – Association Européenne pour la Formation Professionnelle / European Vocational Training Association (Belgium)

Full partners : 

  • EfVET – European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (Belgium)
  • EUProVET (The Netherlands)
  • EVBB – Europäische Verband Beruflicher Bildungsträger (Germany)
  • EUCEN – European University Continuing Education Network (Belgium)
  • EURASHE – European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (Belgium)

Associated partners :

  • LifeLong Learning Platform (Belgium)
  • EARLALL – European Association of Regional & Local Authorities for Lifelong Learning (Belgium)
  • Association des Agences de la Democratie Locale (France)
  • European Parents Association (Belgium)
  • Don Bosco International (Belgium)

Expected duration :

Start: 01/10/2019 – End: 30/09/2021

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