Peer Review SMX and CNOS-FAP

Andrea Lilli
18 February 2021

Inspectoria Maria Auxiliadora (SMX) and Federazione Centro Nazionale Opere Salesiane – Formazione e Aggiornamento Professionale (CNOS-FAP)

The DB WAVE project, an initiative that brings together 7 Salesian National Vocational Training networks located in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Hungary and France, and made up of more than 250 centers in 12 member states and with 150 years of experience in providing education and employment opportunities aimed mostly at the most disadvantaged young people, continues with the established work schedule and maintains its continuous review phase. Among the latest activities, it is worth highlighting the ‘Peer review’ held on February 17 and 18 between the Salesian Province of María Auxiliadora (SMX) and the Federazione CNOS-FAP (Italy), in charge of the experts Ivan Toscano and Mari Kontturi who were responsible for conducting the evaluation.

The work dynamics during the sessions consisted of the presentation and the development of interviews with different representatives of Schools, coordinators of international projects and work teams. Miguel Canino, as provincial coordinator, was present on behalf of the Schools, along with the team members Carles Rubio, Daniel Serra, Marta Iglesias and Marta Pahisa. Francisco Ruiz Millán, Paco García and Ezequiel García were present from the Salesianos Trinidad educational center. There was also the opportunity to hold various interviews with students from the Sevillian center of the Professional Training in Automotive or Maintenance stages that will participate, or have already done so, in a European project.

The main strengths discussed revolved around the existence of a clear vision and short-term objectives for internationalization, both at the network and school level. On the other hand, clear roles and procedures have been defined to support educational centers in internationalization and schools are aware of the role. Internationalization is an important part of the activities both in the school training offer and in the network activities and most have or plan to apply for Erasmus accreditation. The objective of this peer review is none other than to improve the performance and planning regarding the internationalization of the institutions participating in the project. This review joins the one carried out between Spain-France on January 13 and 14 where the Salesian Province of María Auxiliadora (SMX) evaluated the French work in relation to the internationalization activities carried out by the organization.

After the pertinent presentation of the members of the peer review and the interviews carried out by the experts with the participants, the Salesian Province of María Auxiliadora has received positive feedback that will help them to continue building a work network among their centers, focused on international development.
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