Conclusione della revisione tra pari tra AMDB e l’Ispettoria SMX

Association Maisons Don Bosco hosted its final peer review for the Erasmus + project DBWAVE on January 12th and 13th 2022. The peer review team was composed of Marta Pahisa, Daniel Serra and Francisco Garcia, representatives of the SMX network (Salesianos Spain Maria Auxiliadora).

The main objective of this event consisted in evaluating AMDB internationalisation strategy progress since last year. AMDB was represented by Father Jean-Noël Charmoille, Sister Valentine Delafon, two School Delegates, Daniel Gouilly and Olivier Simon, and Rose-Marie Enriquez-Vieu.

Two French Salesian VET centres, Lycée technique privé du Puits de l’Aulne and Lycée Jean Baptiste d’Allard, also participated to this peer review by showing their international activities.

It was also the opportunity to introduce the School Education consortium Campus Don Bosco on the move and its goals.

The peer-review process represents a very enriching and valuable experience for all the participants and both institutions.

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