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Andrea Lilli
24 February 2021

Exceptional experience: first Peer review ever for SZIF as a Salesian VET provider

On 23rd – 24th February 2021 an online Peer review visit were organized, where participants had the opportunity to share their experiences on planning, implementation, evaluation and development of professional activities of SZIF as a target organization of the event. 

SZIF is a VET provider for Salesian education facilities in Hungary and as such, it bears the responsibility to set out long-term framework for its schools to provide a high standard education and training programmes. 

The event took place as part of the KA3 project called ‘Project DB WAVE – Don Bosco Web for a more Accessible and inclusive VET in Europe’ (n.609095-EPP-1-2019-1-IT-EPPKA3-VET-NETPAR). 

Participants representing SZIF have never taken part in such events before, so it was a unique opportunity to gather external views for further developing our management expertise at SZIF. 

The specific subject of the Peer review was our current internationalization strategy. On the way to make our international activities more effective, prior to the visit, SZIF carried out an initial self-assessment procedure on this subject. The self-assessment as well as the Peer review will help us to increase SZIF’s institutional capacity potential by identifying strengths, possible improvement areas, skills gaps and training needs of key staff. 

Based on the findings of Peer review report, the next step is preparing an improvement plan to make sure that the Peer visit have a long-term positive effect to our international activities and processes. 

The Peer experts were Mari Kontturi (Finland), Rose-Marie Enriquez-Vieu and Pascale Raffier (France). During the visit, we have learned a lot from them and thank for their cooperation, enthusiasm and their professional commitment in particular. This article has been prepared by Gábor Winkler (SZIF), József Halász (SZÁMALK-Salesian Post-Secondary VET School).

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