The „Don Bosco” educative system intends to educate “honest citizens and good Christians,” helping young people become responsible adults. The overall intent, therefore, is to enable young people to think responsibly, to be free, to respect others, to be committed, to work hard and to learn. The aim of the Salesian school is to contribute, with its own specific tools and possibilities, to the transformation of culture, economy and society according to Christian values. We have three vocational schools:

  • ïDon Bosco Primary School, Vocational School, Technical School, Grammar School and Hostel:

From the beginning, “Don Bosco” in Kazincbarcika has been trying to successfully catch up with students with social disadvantages and difficulties, for them to finish school and start life, and thus the teaching and professional team has a lot of experience in solving certain disadvantage-related problems. Our pedagogy is based on the preventive system of Don Bosco, according to which a constant, supportive presence, love and preventive system make a significant contribution to putting disadvantaged young people at school and to acquiring the competencies needed to obtain a profession or a graduation.

  • META – Don Bosco Vocational High School:

The school activities focus exclusively on post-graduate training, which takes place on a full-time and evening basis. They teach professions belonging to the health, social, economic, trade, tourism, pedagogical and administrative sectors. Great emphasis is placed on practical training, on improving the quality of training places, because outstanding vocational training can only be achieved with quality practical education and outstanding practical training places. Special attention is paid to difficult queues, disadvantaged students, who consider the development of students’ personalities to be of paramount importance.

  • SZÁMALK – Salesian Technical and Vocational High School:

The school, originally founded for IT professional training, now excels in teaching art training as well. In addition to these two professional groups, we train Pedagogical and Family Support Staff, Tourist Guides and Office Assistants in several departments every year. Our school provides stewardess training with an international professional certificate. It is important for the institution that the lagging students catch up, the outstandingly good ones take part in talent development courses, and also everyone achieves their individual goal with learning, more knowledge, to which they themselves contribute with their diligence and work.


  • Szalézi Intézmény Fenntartó 1032
  • Budapest
  • Hungary

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