Tech Don Bosco is a new national network (present in 9 of the 17 Spanish regions), promoted by the Salesian Inspectorate Santiago el Mayor, with the aim of connecting companies and Vocational Training Centres. Tech Don Bosco works every day to support centres, companies and institutions, promoting above all the work of the network of Salesian centres of the SSM Inspectorate in vocational training, with the ultimate aim of helping young people, especially those most vulnerable.

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SMX is one of the two Salesian Provinces in Spain. Created in 2014 from the merger of three small Provinces, it has its headquarters in Seville and today includes schools in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, Aragon, Valencia, Murcia, Andalusia, Extremadura and the Canary Islands. An integral part of their activity is to support Vocational Training Centres in offering internationalisation opportunities for their staff and students.

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It is a secondary school of T-VET located in the Brussels Capital Region. Their mission is to be a reference hub in the field of vocational education and training, for an audience ranging from 12 to 99 years old, in the Brussels metropolitan context. The school welcomes a multicultural public often characterised by a migrant background, difficult family circumstances, living conditions in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and/or inadequate knowledge of Dutch (instruction language). The school aims to be a springboard to a promising future for these young people by investing in a structural approach of guidance and empowerment of young people in their own learning process. A dual education system (technical and practical) is considered essential in this respect. In the next 3 years the school will expand its offer with a brand new STEM campus for 800 students and in the last 4 years it has increasingly invested in partnerships with other VET providers nationally and internationally, but also in cooperation partnerships with institutions for higher education – such as Erasmushogeschool Brussel (VET college) – and adult education (CVO Brussels). The school also has more than 10 years of experience in European projects: Leonardo, Comenius and Erasmus+m (KA1 and KA2), as well as the VET Charted award and the new Erasmus+ accreditation. The school has also participated in several KA2 projects as an official partner and as a member of GO! Scholengroep Brussels (the Brussels group of Flemish Community Education schools, consisting of 50 educational institutions).


CONITEC is an engineering company, dedicated to the implementation and official KNX certified training (Training Centre 1861) as well as training in lighting calculation with DIALUX evo.


COQAN is a public law institution whose aim is the defence of the chemical profession and the dissemination of chemistry in society, bringing together almost five hundred professionals from various sectors. In addition, COQAN is integrated in the General Council of Chemical Associations of Spain, a collegial organisation that brings together more than six thousand chemists throughout Spain.
Its main activities are focused on providing services and information to our members, as well as continuous training in aspects related to chemistry and not exclusively for members or members of the profession. In addition, COQAN participates in scientific and technological dissemination activities and actively supports other actions organised by other institutions. Although COQAN’s sphere of action is limited to the communities of Aragon and Navarre, its members carry out their activities throughout Spain and also in other countries.
COQAN, as a professional organisation, is a transmission belt between the world of work and professionals, which, although with greater incidence in the world of chemical industries, is not limited to any specific sector. The search for professionals to meet the demand for specialists is one of the tasks of our organisation, and vocational training graduates are a permanent requirement. In this sense, COQAN, through this agreement, can act as a link between companies in the sector and young graduates of the training programmes offered by the Salesian organisation.
It should also be noted that the Colegio Nuestra Señora del Pilar in Zaragoza and COQAN signed a collaboration agreement in 2019, which in 2021 was extended to include cooperation between our institutions within the framework of the Don Bosco National Prize for Technological Research and Innovation, with COQAN becoming an official sponsor of the same from this year.

AHK Spain

AHK Spain is the German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce and is part of a worldwide network of 140 German Chambers abroad in 90 countries. AHK Spain is a non-profit association under Spanish law with more than 1.100 members and has a broad expertise in bilateral and international commerce, Vocational Education and Training, entrepreneurship (German-Spanish startup-ecosystem) and Renewable Energies / Energy Efficiency. Other main activities are services like payroll accounting and legal advice services, recruiting and job portal activities, the organization of networking events and thematical seminars and continuing education courses (AHK Digital Academy), among others. During the last 40 years, AHK Spain has been supporting manifold training programs in Spain for young people, foremost in cooperation with its project partners FEDA (German VET school) in administrative programs, and technical VET schools like Salesianos Atocha in technical programs, together with around 80 training companies. New VET programs were developed, significantly intensifying sector- and industry relevant competence training. This is not only in line with Europe’s strategy for smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth, but it is estimated that with this approach the VET-system in Spain has already enriched visibly.


SALESIANOS ATOCHA school was founded in 1901. At this time, the educational offer of our center goes from the infant stage (3 years of age), through primary, secondary. high school and reaching professional training. Within this area we have what is called basic vocational training (4 specialities), intermediate level training cycles (6 specialties) and higher level training cycles (10 specialties), one of which is a dual model (training alternating between school and company). These specialties are of a technical-industrial nature. In the center there are currently more than 2.500 students, where more than 1/3 correspond to those of professional training. Our center has signed more than 850 agreements with companies in the Community of Madrid, which allow our students to carry out Training in Work Centers (FCT), which lead them to obtain the official title of the Ministry of Education and Science. At a European level. Salesianos Atocha has made agreements with European companies, which have allowed students to carry out Training in Work Centers (FCT). It also develops student exchanges (especially Compulsory Secondary Education – ESO) with students from England, Ireland, France and Italy. We have more than 45 certificates of professionalism approved by the SEPE, within the different professional families that we have implemented in our Center. (Maintenance, mechanical manufacturing, automation and industrial robotics, electricity and electronics….)


BOSCOSOCIAL is a foundation (non-profit organization) that brings together and coordinates the work of  the social entities of the Salesian Province “Santiago el Mayor”. At national level, BoscoSocial operates in 8 Spanish Regions with 25 social centres, active in the field of  social action and intervention mainly through:  

– promotion of the personal and social development of minors, youth and their families

– improvement of the employability of young people in situations of greater vulnerability – development of programs for the social inclusion of groups at risk of social exclusion

Don Bosco Tech Africa

Don Bosco Tech Africa is the coordinating body for all the Don Bosco Technical Schools in sub Saharan Africa and Madagascar. As a non-profit organisation, it carries out its mandate under the direction of the Salesian Provincial Superiors’ Association of Africa-Madagascar and is also registered as an NGO in Kenya with international status and hence authorized to operate within the given legal framework. The offices are based in Nairobi, Kenya. As a continental network, it aims to transform the lives of the Young especially the marginalized The network consists of 107 training centers spread over 34 countries in the continent. It reaches out to about 40,000 young people annually.


Brings together in Spain the educational works of the Salesians (SDB) and the  Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (FMA) for more than thirty years. Together they have addressed tasks  of training, reflection and preparation of essential documents for educational animation in their schools.

Centro San Viator

CENTRO SAN VIATOR, diocesan school, was founded in 1953 in the region of Enkarterri, in the province  of Biscay, in a rural area where job opportunities usually pass through agricultural and livestock activity.  Located in a mountainous area and with a rugged landscape, terrestrial communications present not a few  difficulties that accentuate the lack of opportunities for the residents of the region. Centro San Viator offers training from Kinder Garden to High school diploma, including Middle Degree (EQF 3) and High Degree (EQF 5) to meet the needs of more than 1000 students working with a staff  of about 100 professionals. Our VET offer includes: Retail, Car Mechanics, Mechanization, Electronics Electricity, Child Education and Geriatrics. We offer courses for unemployed people, in order to respond to  the high percentage of unemployment that currently exists in this region. Complementing our offer, we also  promote training courses for active workers.  We are an entity with a strong social character and a priority objective: helping people with fewer  opportunities, at risk of exclusion. We annually receive about 150 students who dropped out from other schools  or who are at risk of early school leaving. In 2001 we started working on our quality system and for that purpose we created a specific team as we realized  we needed to create new working standards. After 3 years developing all processes, in 2004 we got the ISO  9001:2000 and continued to get, in 2005, the Silver Q in the EFQM system. But we didn’t stop there. We know  how important is to keep all the quality systems alive and in 2010 we got the ISO 14001 for environmental  management and are now focus in the Gold Q. All this certifies that all tasks done by Centro San Viator fulfil  the quality standards required by the different public bodies, as the Educational Ministry, SEPIE (Spanish NA)  or the EU. We are also accredited with Erasmus Charter for Higher Education and the Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter  KA120.

Xerox Holdings Corporation (NYSE: XRX)

Xerox makes everyday work better. We are a workplace  technology company building and integrating software and hardware for enterprises large and small.  As customers seek to manage information across digital and physical platforms, Xerox delivers a  seamless, secure, and sustainable experience. Whether inventing the copier, the Ethernet, the laser  printer or more, Xerox has long defined the modern work experience. 

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Navarre

The Chamber is a public law corporation and provides services of general interest to the business sector and public organisations located in the region of Navarre (Spain), supporting its development within the local economy. It actively collaborates with Public Administrations, rendering consulting, technical assistance, and assessment services. Main areas of activity are business training, internationalization services, entrepreneurship, support to SMEs digitalization and energy transition.


FELE is the confederal and intersectoral non-profit employer organization of the province of León. It is a co-founding entity and member of CEOE, CEPYME and CEOE Castilla y León, established in 1977 for the coordination, representation, management, promotion and defence of general business interests. It is the only employer organization with the legal capacity to act on behalf of the local business community as the most representative organization. It gathers more than 70 sectoral associations and coordinates collective bargaining processes and different employers’ presence and involvement, affecting socio-economic conditions and labour relations in the province.

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