SZIF brings together all the Salesian T-VET Centres in the country, whose mission is to provide young people with high-level technical and vocational education. With the aim of making young people responsible adults, special attention is paid to developing the students’ soft skills. In addition, a vocational guidance and counselling service for young people and adults is provided on an ongoing basis.

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Salesian Ltd. is a for-profit company established by Don Bosco Szalézi Tàrsasàga (Salesian Province in Hungary) which is committed to carry out construction and plumbing systems and help foster young students (above age 16) in the field of vocational training adopting the Salesian approach based educational practice on integrated development in the following sectors: education and support for children, adolescents and young people who are at risk of social exclusion, with a special attention to gender issues; vocational training, social and working insertion of vulnerable groups. The initiatives led by Salesian Ltd. correspond to the criteria of priority defined by the United Nations and by the European Union for international co-operation, since they focus on qualified aspects of human and sustainable development, as the promotion of personal skills and of social well-being through the realisation of educational and training interventions. Salesian Ltd. is also committed in the elimination of the conditions of extreme poverty and the improvement of living conditions in the neediest sub-urban areas of the Eastern Hungarian region, with a particular focus on adolescents and the most vulnerable groups.


The BGSZC is a VET Center that consists of 22 VET schools, situated in Budapest. BGSZC functions as an autonomous budgetary body and is responsible for the legal and professional functioning of its schools. The BGSZC conducts, initiates, organizes and coordinates projects and other activities that aim to develop the vocational education and training.


Interelektronik Its Ltd. is a company that provides services in several IT areas: IT consulting; Network Security; IT Repair (printers in particular); IT Management and System Operation. It provides IT services mainly to small businesses. The company is committed to VET education and training, and has as one of its priorities the involvement of VET students in apprenticeships.


NeO Ltd. is a compay that provide services in different IT area as follows: IT consulting; Network security; IT repair services; IT Management and system operation. NeO Ltd. provides IT services mainly to small businesses. The company committed to VET education, so we regard it important to provide apprenticeship for dual students.

National Office of Vocational Education and Training and Adult Learning – NOVETAL 

NOVETAL is a support institution of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology. It operates in 41 VET Centres and 363 VET schools in Hungary. NOVETAL conducts, initiates, organizes and coordinates regional and nationwide development activities within national and international projects. Together with other stakeholders in VET, it strives to continuously develop Hungary’s vocational system. 

NOVETAL facilitates national networking in the field of VET and adult learning involving a wide range of stakeholders; it provides support for students and teachers in obtaining up-to-date knowledge. skills and competences related to the field of VET and AL; and it promotes international cooperation among professional organisations and strengthens expert activity in the field of VET and AL on the European level.

Tesco Akademia Kft. 

Tesco Akadémia Ltd. is an educational and adult training company founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of Tesco. The main purpose was to increase the skilled workforce within the company by providing professional training to our colleagues. SInce the inception of Tesco Akadémia, we have been able to offer more than 7.000 professional qualifications to our colleagues. Our participation in vocational education has increased significantly in recent times and more and more students are choosing Tesco evry year. Tesco has more than 200 stores nationwide, most of which provide dual education. We are proud that the commercial sector is represented by the Tesco Akadémia in the field of vocational education towards the government. Our vocational students are introduced to the most modern technologies available in commerce and online learning plays also an important role in dual education at Tesco Akadémia. In addition to acquiring competitive professional knowledge, our students can gain insight onto the everyday life of multinational retail company. All in diverse, inclusive, flexible wirk environment.


Bokik is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Borsod-Abaùj-Zemplén Country. It started operation on the legal background of the 1999. CXXL law. The essential idea is to diminish the role of the state by directing public duties to chambers of commerce. Economic development, ensuring business honor and stability and representing general interests of the actors operating within the territorial scoper are the primary duties of the chamber of commerce. It creates and maintains co-operational platforms for its members and non-members that foster and maintain direct economic relations among private persons, individual enterprises, partnership, legal entites and co-operation on mutual interest. On the basis of state assignment BOKIK executes key services in the VET field: organizes master-level education and master examination. 

The effectivity of the economy need highly skilled workers, whose knowledge is based on the education. The chamber of commerce keeps the eyes on the improvement of the economic performance of Hungary with the assigned territory included by helping the actors to train, improve and upskill sufficiently skilled human manpower. The chamber executes social control of VET complemented by conveying expectations of the economy to the educational institutions. It promoted the co-operation among the educational facilities and their managements, the parents, the apprenticeship and te actors of the economy. It executes control over the vocations especially entrussted to the chambers. Moreover, in co-operation with the market stakeholders, the chamber actively participates in shaping directions, concenpts and strategies of the human resources. It elaborates or gives opinion on assessments, analysis and conception on the tasks in the VET field. 

Quality and control of the practical training of the VET apprentices are among the main activities of BOKIK. BOKIK organizes the practical training of the dual education system in the providing companies. It ensures practical training formerly controlled by students learning contract- by vocational working contracts according to the latest regulations. It assesses and controls the practical training providers continuosly ensuring quality standard. The chamber provides external provider of practical training in the dual system for all types of VET students and stays in contact with all VET providers.

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