AMDB, Association Maisons Don Bosco is a French network of T-VET schools and centres, founded in 2001. Its aim is to promote the educational values transmitted by Don Bosco and his pedagogical tradition, known as “Preventive System”. AMDB is already active in several European projects (e-twinning) and works jointly at national level but intends to increase its initiatives at European level as a national network.

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Fédération ADB (Anciens de Don Bosco)

This federation gathers the former pupils of Don Bosco schools and VET centres regional associations who keep a close relationship with the school network.


Is the French multinational electric utility company which  specialises in electricity, from engineering to distribution. The company’s operations include the following: electricity generation and distribution; power plant design, construction and dismantling; energy trading; and transport. The company has several regional branches.


Is the French national state-owned railway company which operates almost all of France’s railway traffic, including the TGV. It has several regional and city branches.


Is a world-renowned, well-established, innovative subcontractor in the MedTech field, specialized in the industrial manufacturing of implants and instruments for minimally invasive, orthopedic, spinal and trauma surgery. It is located in 5 different sites in France and the USA.


Is the Normandy branch of Stellantos group which is an automotive manufacturer. It mainly deals with the design, development, manufacture and sale of automobiles bearing its 15 brands.

RVI – Renault Trucks

It is a French commercial truck manufacturer which has been a subsidiary of the Volvo Group since 2001.


Is a regional VET centre offering lifelong-learning and dual-learning courses at different levels and in several sectors. It is based in the southeast-central region in France.


The CFA REGIONAL DON BOSCO is a vocational training centre based in the south-east of France, in the Nice area. It offers dual learning courses at different levels and in different sectors. Maintaining close contact with the professional world, the CFA Regional Don Bosco is the privileged place to learn a profession and to facilitate entry into the world of work. For this very reason, the students’ training pathway includes a period of apprenticeship, which enables them to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge of a given trade, knowledge of the company context, and thus facilitate integration into the world of work.



The challenge of the “Don Bosco International Campus” brand is to strengthen the synergy of our network in order to foster its vitality and initiatives. The Don Bosco International Campus invites us to fully experience the richness of this international dimension of the network, to develop links and projects with other institutions by promoting the exchange of good practices, with the ultimate aim of accompanying young people on their journey. The international dimension of the Don Bosco Campus opens the doors to a possible mutualisation to respond to today’s challenges and to develop initiatives with young people, in the urgency of an “education for the alliance between humanity and the environment” and the concrete implementation of the “Global Educational Pact” desired by Pope Francis.


Is a specialist in out-of-home food service and a global leader in multi-sector catering. It also operates in the Educational sector in teaching establishments including public and private elementary schools, secondary schools and universities.


Is one of the world’s leading operators in contract catering and support services, has become a benchmark player in the business and industry, education, healthcare and leisure markets. Operating in 5 countries, Elior Group is a leader in its main markets, in Europe and North America.


Is specialises in out-of-home food catering services in the Mediterranean region of France. It is a branch of Dupont Restauration a larger catering group.


The URCEC is a national federation bringing together 90 Catholic congregations involved in teaching and training in France. It encourages the synergy between the different congregational networks. Since its creation, the Union of Congregational Networks has had the ambition to serve the mission of Catholic Education, supporting the educational works created by the congregations. This ambition is concretely expressed in four major objectives: 1. to serve the Institutes in the exercise of trusteeship and to promote collaboration among its members; 2. to bear the original voice and to represent the Congregational Administrations in the field of Catholic Education; 3. to promote the deepening of the founding intuitions and the implementation of the educational traditions; 4. to express the concerted position of the Congregational Administrations.


Espamob’ is a spanish partner organization with extensive experience in European mobility traineeships and placements for groups in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) field. Espamob’ became a trusted partner who receive participants from all over the Europe. Our team offers expertise and necessary tools for the application and development of mobility projects organized with our network of host companies who provide education and training in different vocational areas with individual approach for each participant. We consider ourselves a organisation from a partner country and our participation brings an added value to the mobility project. We participate in various way to carry out joint activities in the fields of education and training, establishing a formal network of host companies in a vocational area. We develop strategic partnerships under international and local funds like Erasmus Plus and European Social Funds (ESF), and others subventions Our aim is to improve technical and linguistic skills of participants through European mobility traineeships in host companies and make their stay abroad unforgettable experience by organizing cultural activities and logistic solutions for all the group.

Don Bosco International Media Academy-DBIMA

DBIMA is a private, non-profit Higher Education Institute created to provide every student, regardless of means, with the best education in a technically advanced and artistically supportive environment.

Founded by media arts professionals and experienced professors, DBIMA courses are formulated to prepare students for the new creative economy. The small class teaching method allows each student to be accompanied individually, and each student has access to their own workstation equipped with advanced software used by industry professionals around the world. This allows students to practice every day with the tools of the trade and keep up with the skills required by the business world. 

The technologies made available to students at the school, are state-of-the-art and are not available at most other schools that train on the same field. This is a fundamental strength for an adequate preparation and for accompanying students to enter into future employment.


This French agency is aimed at coordinating and promoting Catholic VET centres at the national level.

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