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Since 2010, Don Bosco T-VET (Technical – Vocational Education and Training) providers in Europe have been encountering on a yearly basis, in contact-making seminars as a way of basic peer learning and comparison.

Partnership building process for the present action was agreed in November 2018 in Grasse (France) in order to endorse a four-folded strategy

  • A. A geographical balanced partnership, relevant to the needs analysed and likely to impact at policy level.
  • B. A solid long-lasting partnership based on mutual trust and on the endorsement of a same Don Bosco VET approach focused on vulnerable youth employability and social inclusion.
  • C. A Balanced experience at EU level, thanks to both rooted partners with experience in EU-funded actions and to EU newcomers
  • D. A complementary set of skills and competences with partners that developed effective proved EU VET tools and practice able to lead peer learning in the different core actions envisaged.


CNOS-FAP: The applicant and the most consolidated network is a national network that gathers over 60 centres in 16 Regions of Italy. It has a consolidated experience on the development of quality based VET through EU funds: EU peer reviews, internationalization strategies and tracking graduates.

Tech Don Bosco: is a brand new national network (present in 9 out 17 regions of Spain) that gathers T-VET centres and experienced in the cooperation with companies and professional development of teachers who needs an internationalisation strategy.

AMDB: it is a long lasting French network of schools and T-VET centres, active in EU projects (etwinning) and jointly working at national level, but willing to increase their EU initiatives as a national network.

SMX: gathers many T-VET centre with a huge number of mobilities (KA1) per year in all the T-VET levels, and based in a region (Andalucia) that suffers one of the highest youth unemployment rates of Europe (over 45 %).

SZIF: it gathers all the Don Bosco T-VET providers in the country, which are focused on providing basic, medium and high level technical education, and with a particular focus on Roma youth and expertise in soft skills based learning.

DBI: is an AISBL based in Brussels that acts as liaison office of DB networks in Brussels, focused in supporting school to work transition. DBI’s staff is in constant communication with DG EMPL and facilitates information and participation in EU initiatives such as European Alliance for Apprenticeships and Vocational Skills Week.

DBOC: is a well-consolidate network of T-VET centres in Flanders, targeting many excluded youth in several level of T-VET provision and willing to initiative and international strategy.

GERMAN PROVINCE SDB: is a network of T-VET centres and social works focused on providing dual learning as a way of including NEETs and young people with disabilities (Aschau-am-Inn).


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